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Music Industry & Wellness Entrepreneur Rynda Laurel on overcoming addiction & depression through the use of natural supplements as an alternative to antidepressant meds.

August 5, 2021
In this episode i'm joined by music industry executive and wellness entrepreneur Rynda Laurel who shares her journey from addiction and depression to taking charge of her own mental health & wellness by starting a natural supplements business called VRYeveryday.
We talk in detail about her approach to using natural supplements as an alternative to antidepressant medications and how this enabled her to overcome her own mental health issues. We also cover the role of functional medicine and regular blood work  in helping to identify underlying health issues both mental and physical, all of which is incredibly useful whether you are dealing with mental health issues or just as part of a regular healthy lifestyle.
I should also add that obviously i'm not a Dr and neither is Rynda! We both speak from personal experience of both prescription antidepressants and natural supplements. If you're considering taking any sort of antidepressant, obviously check with your Dr, therapist or psychiatrist first.
We reference a bunch of links and resources in the podcast which you can find below:
VRY Everyday Discount Code: Use "BlackDog" or this link for 15% off all VRYeveryday Formulas and Sets.
For a reference to Rynda's functional Medicine doctor (she sees patients via Zoom in USA) contact her

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